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Alucore is the latest material to come to the Plantation Shutter market, made from a polyresin with an aluminium core it adds strength as well as elegance to any window.Alucore 3 sizes photo 3

The benefits of Alucore is that it is moisture resistant compared to timber and will not crack, degrade or warp under the harsh Australian weather, it is also resistant to termites and has anti-bacterial properties, it is also fire/combustion resistant and is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms or any wet area.

Due to the extra strength because of the aluminium core in both the louvre blade and frame you can get panels up to 850/900mm wide compared to normal polyvinyl products.

Shutters are a great insulator & will help reduce energy costs in both winter & summer as well as reduce direct heat and allow you to control the light.

Available in various styles like hinged, bifold, slide or fixed this product comes in louvre blade sizes of 63, 89 or 114mm.

Alucore Shutters are painted with a 2 pack paint with a polyurethane UV stabiliser to stop discolouration from the sun.

Our warranty on this product is 25 years.


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