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Plantation Shutters

Whether to enhance the interior or exterior of your home, Plantation Shutters are a great way to add finesse to your windows, they bring a bit of balance to the interior of your home, in addition they are a superb way of controlling airflow and the amount of light and heat that enter the rooms. Above all they are an elegant way to protect your privacy, that is why purchasing your Plantation Shutters from Global Shutters in Sydney or NSW is the least difficult way to get Shutters for your home.

Global Shutters are a leading supplier of Plantation Shutters at factory direct prices to you the customer. Global Shutters have various materials available for use including PVC, Alucore, Basswood/Cedar timber & Aluminium, so Global Shutters is the perfect one stop shop for all your requirements.

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Our Plantation Shutters are be made out of various materials to meet your requirements of price and suitability for each type of room in your home like living, Bedrooom, Kitchen or Bathroom. Plantation Shutters comes in many different styles and Louvre blade sizes to match the style of your home, Shutters can be made hinged, slide, bifold or fixed and available in Louvre blade sizes of 63, 89 or 114mm widths with either a tilt rod at the front or a hidden tilt rod at the back (clearview) to control the amount of light required. Most Shutters come with the louvre blades split 50/50 on a window so you can keep the bottom half closed for privacy and the top half open for light.

Check out our factory direct prices either supplied & installed or buy online for a DIY install then you can see how good & competitive our prices are.


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We say what we do, we do what we say, and we're looking forward to prove it to you.

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